The YUXA furniture concept is designed to build a more meaningful relationship with the object and user by allowing them to personalize the assembly options of the chair.

In the process, each chair will become unique to the user, and it may open new possibilities and show how it can be used unconventionally. Making it an “art installation” rather then another chair.

*YUXA-is a creature that figures in Tatar folklore. Possess the power to transform into a beautiful woman and a handsome young man.

Customers receive an accessory kit with the purchase of the chair.  It includes two spools of nylon straps chosen by the customer and a key for assembling the chair and adjusting the parts.  The accessory kit matches the chair's color being purchased to coordinate with the chair and provide the customer with a personalized experience.

Materials go through the slit and are then secured by adjustable parts located at the bottom of the frame and on the back of the chair.  

The adjustments are designed to allow constant change of materials, making them adaptable and ensuring longevity.


A variety of materials can be used for wrapping, and it is absolutely open to user's interpretation of how it should be done.